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As the battle for dominance of the search landscape continues, the new battleground is focused on users behaviour. By retargetting previous visitors to your site, you can have a huge influence on their purchasing behaviour.


Retargetting allows advertisers to target consumers who have shown a previous interest in the proposition (by visiting the site) but are yet to carry out a transaction. Personalising this action by creating “on-the-fly” creative featuring the users previously viewed items cements a connection between a brand and a desired product and encourages the marketing conversation to continue off-site.

We’ve been working with the leading suppliers in this space since its emergence and have become adept at controlling the environment to provide best value, whilst also ensuring that users are not “oversold” by over-serving. Frequency capping, as well as product specific rule groups, allow for greater control over this powerful new tool.

Pricing optimisation can also be carried out on a category level, and with the introduction of multi-attribution analytics, we can ascertain the underlying value of the activity, as well as the headline performance.

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