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Inaccurate data leads to improper decisions. In order to understand the true picture behind online marketing, the data that is captured must be both complete and reliable.


Increasingly, previously accepted tracking principles are being heavily questioned. All digital marketing has previously been judged on a “last-click wins” basis, with a sale being rewarded to the most recent interaction. In reality, a users journey to purchase includes multiple stages and, usually, multiple visits to your site.

Across our tracked client base, we see an average of 6 visits from a user before a purchase. Unfortunately, last-click wins ignores all previous interactions and therefore favours channels, campaigns or keywords which occur near the end of the journey. The classic example of this scenario is an advertiser perceiving their own brand keyword as the single most effective marketing activity they engage in. In reality, not only is this untrue, it also “overwrites” every other interaction which either contributed, or caused the sale.

We’re pleased to be working with industry leading technology providers to provide cutting edge technology solutions in this crucial area.

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