Our affiliate management offerings have been powering best-of-breed programs for over a decade.

Account Management.

Being one of the first Affiliate Management Agencies in the UK has driven us to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends.

Although every campaign is bespoke we see the main objectives with an Affiliate Management campaign as focusing upon the following key areas:


Due to significant and widespread adoption of affiliate marketing as a key channel by advertisers, there is a definite need to back up an excellent program with an excellent communication strategy. With several thousand programs operating in the UK, cutting through the noise will determine the levels of success a program can achieve. To this end, we will implement and monitor the success of an affiliate communication strategy.

This will usually include segmentation of communication channels (phone, email, letter or face to face) as well as adapting frequency caps and strictly adhering to opt- in/opt-out requests.


All our programs benefit from a significant commercial review within the initial stages of our engagement. A highly detailed and bespoke approach will be agreed upon considering the following key factors:

Commission levels: Are your commissions genuinely competitive in a crowded market? How would your margins and volumes be affected by a commission rise or fall? We fully research your market cross network to ensure that your program is amongst the brightest and best.

Tiers and Incentives: Working with affiliates to devise sophisticated reward systems without overly sacrificing margins. Voucher strategies: Working with our clients to develop a concrete voucher strategy we can focus on incremental sales growth.

Duplication Policy/Network status: Are you successfully ensuring that sales aren’t attributed to multiple channels? Are you on the right network for your needs? Should you adopt a secondary network? We can help you make the right decisions in these critical areas.


In an increasingly fragmented environment, it is essential that your affiliate partners are appropriately segmented according to promotional type, relevance and overall value to your business. Having an awareness and understanding of the different channels involved in affiliate marketing allows for a more mature strategy to be used, which may vary significantly by affiliate type.