Deeply granular management services built on a decades experience of operating results orientated PPC


Pay-per-click continues to dominate the commercial web, powering growth for advertisers, choice for users and revenue for publishers all over the world.

However, the ever-increasing complexity of the environment, coupled with the inevitable cost increases within an auction based environment demands constant experimentation, rigorous optimisation and a dedication to the channel.

Since our inception, we’ve always approached paid search as the central discipline of sales growth. Our clients benefit from experience, knowledge and, most of all, our passion for the space.

Consultation & Strategy

In order to successfully manage your campaign, we need to understand your business. A comprehensive briefing process is essential in establishing campaign parameters. We need to know as much about your business as you do.

This initial consultation will form the basis of a strategy document, which will underpin all future tactical and strategic SEM activity.

Research & Analysis

Whether or not your campaign has reached maturity we insist on a stringent process of campaign/competitor research. By widening your campaign parameters, analysing your competitors activity and investigating further opportunities for reach we can ensure the optimum deployment for your activity.

Creative Execution:

Once scope has been identified we apply vigorous creative methodologies to producing compelling ad copy. We believe that the key elements of excellent ad copy are:

  • Relevance (to keyword and landing page)
  • Impact (offer led, strong call to action)
  • Well written (appropriate, eloquent, succinct)

Producing ads to these stringent guidelines makes a good campaign a great one. Not only will this improve click through rates (decreasing click costs) it will also deliver users with a high propensity to transact.

An often overlooked element of campaign building is establishing appropriate campaign structures. We will advise on creating structures which offer flexibility, whilst reporting clear business specific trends.

Campaign Management

In order to manage your campaign we always refer to the fixed set of objectives that were established within the initial briefing process. Working to tightly controlled ROI targets, we constantly “tweak” campaign elements to produce the best results.